Database Administrator

OneSpace is a team of passionate individuals all working toward the same goal: to help businesses achieve the unimaginable. To accomplish this goal, we’ve developed a software platform that connects our clients with a vast network of on-demand professionals and empowers them with the tools they need to build, manage and scale an on-demand workforce.


Our clients include the world’s leading online publishers, retailers, CPG brands, media and hospitality companies. We have helped them revolutionize their business operations and improve the speed, scale and cost efficiency of projects ranging from creative services, to translation, transcription, data management and more. Our freelance workforce spans the globe and to date has completed over 100 million assignments on our platform.

In this role you will:

  • Join a team of enthusiastic engineers in building a distributed web application that pairs freelancers with work
  • Administer the Microsoft SQL Server database, both for day to day tasks and for solving technical problems
  • Play a strategic role in helping us recognize performance limiting patterns in our core data and query models
  • Proactively adjust to our ever-increasing transaction load and data volume, helping our team build the fastest data layer possible
  • Learn more about MongoDB, Aurora, ElasticSearch, Kafka, and a variety of other technologies.
  • Have more fun than you ever thought was possible in a real job
  • Guide us in our incessant efforts to improve our own work environment and agile development processes
  • Help our team architect scalable data models to support ultra-responsive large scale web applications

We’re looking for a person who brings these qualities to the table (or a person who is bold enough to declare why they deserve to be here without these qualifications):



      • Bachelor’s Degree (or better) in MIS or related field
      • 5+ years in a professional Database Administrator role with strong experience in Microsoft SQL Server
        • Should have a strong history of getting things done

Social Skills:



        • The ability to hold your own in architectural and design discussions with Engineers
        • A clear communication style that translates to both verbal and written discussions
        • A sense of humor about geeky TV shows and internet memes
        • Ability to weigh priorities and manage multiple simultaneous projects


Previous experience in general functions of the role:  


        • Ability to build databases, design tables, write stored procedure and generate reports
        • Experience in large scale data migrations, data archiving, or data integrations
        • Ensuring recoverability and adequate disaster recovery of databases
        • Controlling access permissions and privileges
        • Developing, maintaining and testing backup and recovery plans
        • Understanding of capacity planning


Deep understanding of Microsoft SQL Server:


        • Ability to configure and maintain SQL Server Availability Groups
        • Proficiency in using profiler traces and other SQL Server tools to find slow or faulty transactions/procedures
        • Know how to monitor and tweak SQL Server performance
        • Experience managing large SQL Server databases in a high transaction volume environment
        • Ability to build reports and ETL jobs using SSRS and SSIS


Other factors we look for (the more the merrier here):


      • Experience in Aurora and MongoDB
      • Experience setting up, running and managing databases in AWS
      • Experience using SolarWinds DPA, Datadog and SumoLogic for performance analysis
      • Experience establishing and maintaining data warehouses
      • Software development or scripting experience
      • Ability to read and write code in one or more languages
      • Familiarity with Visual Studio
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