Software Engineer

OneSpace is a team of incredibly smart and dedicated people with a drive to get things done—all working toward the same goal: to be the best in the world at helping enterprise clients leverage the world of freelance talent. And our people come first.

At OneSpace, our Engineering Team powers the very core of our business. As a software engineer at OneSpace, you will work closely with our product team to architect exciting new features that take our product to the next level. You’ll have the ability to tackle every aspect of feature design from usability and responsiveness to reliability and performance at scale.

We’re looking for engineers at a variety of levels and skill sets who are passionate about creating great software, regardless of the language and frameworks you’re most comfortable with now. We believe that the fundamentals of great programming are drastically more important than the particular tools you’re using today.

In this role, you will:

  • Join a team of enthusiastic Engineers in building a distributed web application that pairs freelancers with work
  • Help an application grow and scale to support millions of simultaneous users
  • Become a fanatic performance tweaker who blasts out latency bottlenecks
  • Learn more about microservice architectures, NoSQL data stores, and distributed caches
  • Help us architect scalable data models and services that support ultra-responsive web applications
  • Have more fun than you ever thought was possible in a real job
  • Guide us in our incessant efforts to improve our own work environment and agile development processes
  • Participate in technical sparring with the product team to better satisfy customer needs

We’re looking for folks who bring these to the table (or folks who are bold enough to declare why they deserve to be here without these qualifications):

  • Experience:
    • Bachelor’s Degree (or better) in CS or related field
    • Should have a strong history of getting things done.
    • Social Skills:
      • The ability to hold your own in architectural and design discussions with Engineers
      • A clear communication style that translates to both verbal and written discussions
      • A sense of humor about geeky TV shows and internet memes
      • Ability to weigh priorities and manage multiple simultaneous projects
    • A solid technical base of Engineering fundamentals:
      • Ability to use common patterns to solve technical problems with code
      • Experience building and debugging complex applications
      • Understanding of how to leverage memory management and caching to improve performance
      • Understand database relational models and transactional processing
      • Know the difference between synchronous and asynchronous application models
      • Knowledge of software design patterns and architecture
      • Ability to use different techniques to diagnose and fix software problems
      • Experience collaborating with other Engineers
    • Other factors we look for (the more the merrier here):
      • Experience in one of our core languages (C#, Node.js, React.js, or PHP)
      • Experience running services in both Linux and Windows environments
      • Ability to architect and manage distributed data environments
      • Knowledge of micro-service architectures (e.g. the Netflix OSS stack)
      • Experience using distributed caching, NoSQL data stores, and Big Data analytics tools
      • Web development experience that involved JavaScript, CSS, or Node.js
      • Experience building REST APIs with JSON messages
      • Ninja-like skills in working with OLTP databases
        • Ability to read and optimize SQL query plans
        • Ability to read and write SQL stored procedures
      • Knowledge of networking protocols, infrastructure, etc.
      • Experience with performance monitoring tools and dashboards (e.g. StatsD, InfluxDB, Grafana, etc.)
      • Understanding of distributed messaging infrastructure (e.g. Kafka)
      • Excitement about introducing the team to new tools, languages, or concepts that will help make our team and our product better
      • Experience with test automation frameworks like Jenkins

Apply by sending your resume and cover letter to

Apply by sending a resume and cover letter to

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