Instacart Launches Self-Service Advertising Platform.
OneSpace Offers Full-Service Instacart Solution.

Swansea, IL, April 13, 2020 – Last week, Instacart’s Chief Revenue Officer, Seth Dallaire, announced the launch of a new self-service advertising platform. The service, billed as a “comprehensive advertising toolkit for online grocery,” allows advertisers to choose what products they want to promote, set and manage their budgets, and review the results to optimize performance.

OneSpace, a leading digital shelf optimization company, responded with a full-service Instacart solution. Designed to ease the burden on manufacturers, the solution also helps brands improve performance on Instacart, at a time when a large number of new online shoppers are flocking to the platform.

Stephanie Leffler, CEO of OneSpace, explained further, “As the situation with COVID-19 emerged and consumers began sheltering in place, online grocery delivery platforms like Instacart began seeing an influx of first-time users. Instacart is posting growth right now that would have been unbelievable just a few short months ago. In the last two weeks alone, they’ve almost doubled their customer base, and more than 30% of US families reported shopping for groceries online in the last week.”

The result of this meteoric rise in popularity is that manufacturers who may not have previously prioritized Instacart in their e-commerce strategies are now looking for ways to maximize the opportunity the platform provides.

Added Leffler, “Manufacturers may still be putting out fires caused by the rapid increase in demand for their products, so we know they don’t have a lot of spare time to strategize about what to do next with Instacart. Our solution was designed to help them make the most of this challenging situation, without creating a lot of heavy lifting on their part.”

The Instacart solution from OneSpace features daily management of paid advertising using the new Instacart advertising platform, but it also includes product content optimization in the form of advanced images and descriptions, as well as content deployment. Each part of the solution can be used independently or combined depending on the needs of the manufacturer.

Megan Lippert, Senior Vice President of Strategic Accounts, described the solution in more detail: “OneSpace can maximize ROAS on Instacart campaigns within just a few days, including daily management of spending. But we can also make sure the advertising investment our customers make in driving traffic is well-spent by optimizing product detail pages with advanced images and search-optimized descriptions. Lastly, we can help brands deploy their content to Instacart to get their optimizations to market quickly.”

The Instacart solution from OneSpace is available immediately for grocery manufacturers who have products being sold on the platform. Interested brands can contact OneSpace to learn more.

About OneSpace: OneSpace is a leading digital shelf optimization company based in Swansea Illinois. They provide a suite of tools and services to help CPG brands win top position on the digital shelf by increasing organic search visibility and conversions across multiple online retailers.