In-office Perks

OneSpace promotes a healthy work-life balance by offering our corporate team members the following in-office perks.

Casual Dress Code

We're more productive when we're relaxed and comfortable. OneSpace team members dress up for client and vendor meetings, but otherwise, we prefer to get our work done in more comfortable attire.

Dog-friendly Workplace

Team members who hate to leave their companion animals alone all day have the option of bringing them to the office.

Complimentary Gym

Team members are free to use our gym, complete with treadmill, elliptical and weights. In addition to equipment and classes, we provide on-site lockers, shower facilities, and complimentary laundry service for towels and workout clothes.

Free Drinks and Refreshments

We make sure OneSpace employees never have to worry about packing a lunch or hitting that afternoon slump without a healthy snack. Our team has full access to an unlimited number of free snacks, meals and beverages in the employee lounge, plus a “family-style” catered lunch every Friday.

Daily Lunch Delivery

Team members who crave something from a local restaurant can place an order in the morning and have their selections delivered directly to their desks when lunchtime rolls around.

Early Fridays

Our office closes at 2:30 PM every other Friday to help team members stay refreshed and motivated. Whether you need to schedule a doctor’s appointment or want to take off on a short weekend getaway, you'll enjoy a healthier work-life balance with this extra time to yourself.

Complimentary Haircuts

Team members never have to worry about scheduling a visit to the barber or salon after work or over the weekend. We have an in-house stylist who gives trims and haircuts twice a month.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has been proven to have lasting health benefits. Twice a week, OneSpace brings in a local masseuse at a significantly subsidised rate to help keep team members happy, relaxed and productive.

Complimentary Oil Changes

We realize that it can be difficult to schedule routine car maintenance during normal business hours. That’s why we have contracted a special service to pick up team members’ vehicles directly from the office and change the oil free of charge.

Loaner Car

For team members whose cars need more service than a simple oil change, the option to borrow a company car is available to get them around until they're able to pick up their own vehicles again.

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