Core Values

OneSpace strives to maintain a positive, inclusive and rewarding corporate culture that serves to uplift our team members and inspire excellence in all that we do.

Core Values
  • Approachable

    Make yourself available and accessible and maintain open lines of communication. Be inviting and inclusive of other people and their ideas. Welcome and encourage constructive feedback.

  • Expert

    Continuously learn and expand your knowledge to gain new skills and experience. Be constantly curious. Act as a mentor for others and share your insights and expertise. Be an authority in communicating our vision, products and services.

  • More Than "Just a Job"

    Commit yourself wholeheartedly to achieving our goals and the goals of our clients and partners. Find meaning, purpose and fulfillment in the work you do and the relationships you cultivate at work. Encourage holistic well-being and celebrate personal growth, talents and achievements. Be socially conscious, give back to the community, and support others who need a helping hand.

  • Positive Force

    Be optimistic, uplifting and encouraging, especially during times of adversity, uncertainty or change. Demonstrate care and compassion for others. Boost morale and maintain an upbeat, friendly attitude. Communicate constructively and foster a safe and comfortable environment in which people can thrive.

  • Results-Oriented

    Focus on goals and outcomes over processes and procedures. Build and maintain trust by delivering on your commitments. Work autonomously and embrace flexibility. Get comfortable with ambiguity and find creative ways to solve problems.

  • Respect

    Act with kindness, consideration, empathy and understanding for all. Be open-minded and embrace diverse backgrounds, points of view and skills. Show appreciation for team members, clients and partners and help them feel seen and heard.

  • Team Above Self

    Believe that we can accomplish more together than any one of us could ever accomplish alone. Set aside your pride and ego and strive to be helpful and selfless in all that you do. Celebrate both team successes and the individual achievements of the people who worked together to get there.

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