What Does a Data Project Coordinator Do?

Some people see the world through jigsaw-shaped lenses. They are quick to identify the pieces of a puzzle and get a kick out of analyzing those parts to find the most efficient – and accurate – solution.

That’s us. At our core, we are problem solvers.

On a larger scale, we use big data to solve complex problems for some of the world’s biggest companies. Sound awesome?

It is.

Welcome to the Operations Team.

The coolest part about the work we do is that we are hands-on through every step of the project, from start to finish. Our Data Project Coordinators work directly with key stakeholders to develop a strategic plan to meet client objectives (Cue: jigsaw spectacles). They are then responsible for project implementation, execution and evaluation. As a Data Project Coordinator, you own your projects and will (and should!) take pride in what you have accomplished.

Every day is different at OneSpace; if you walked in tomorrow, you might find us brainstorming ways to streamline the project instructions for our freelancers or evaluating creative strategies with our Account Managers following a client’s priority shift. (You will also most certainly find caffeine on our desks. We’re an energetic group.) We keep a quick pace around here. The daily ebb and flow (emphasis on the flow, not a whole lot of ebb) requires us to remain flexible but focused.

Our team reflects the work we do – we fit together well. We have identified our moving parts and put them together to leverage a brilliant mix of personalities and skill sets. Number crunchers, data geeks, math whizzes – we wear those titles proudly. We’re all wired with a keen eye for detail, and that keeps us on track. We secretly really like each other too. It’s not uncommon to find us all together outside of the office – game nights, happy hours … the team that plays together stays together … right?

We are pumped about expanding our team because that is a direct result of the growth OneSpace is experiencing. It is a testament to the forward-thinking initiatives of our leadership and a company-wide collaborative effort.

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