What Does a Content Project Coordinator Do?

OneSpace is well-known for its awesome perks and unique work environment (massages and free beer, anyone?). But have you ever found yourself wondering what the people who work here actually do for a living? You’re not alone (just ask my family).

In addition to the thousands of freelancers who complete work on our platform remotely, OneSpace comprises roughly 50 in-house team members whose duties range from software development to sales to project management.

One of the key positions at OneSpace is the Content Project Coordinator. This person is responsible for overseeing a particular content project from start to finish. Once a client has signed a contract with OneSpace, it’s up to the Coordinator to make sure the contract is fulfilled.

So just how do they do it?

Understanding client needs

The first step to managing a successful content project is understanding a client’s goals and expectations. Online publishers and retailers have a variety of different content needs, including product descriptions and reviews, fact-based Q&As, long-form articles, creative blog posts and more.

A Content Project Coordinator works closely with an Account Manager to make sure OneSpace has a solid understanding of a project’s final objective and identifies a clear, step-by-step process to meet that objective.

Providing quality content

In today’s world of online publishing and search engine optimization, only one thing’s for certain: quality content is king. And if there’s one thing OneSpace prides itself on, it’s creating high-quality content. A Content Project Coordinator is the person who’s responsible for ensuring our freelancers are creating the best content possible.

This involves setting up projects in our work platform, an online portal where freelancers log in to complete their work, and training freelancers via instructions and webinars. It also requires regular review of freelancers’ work, as well as providing helpful, constructive written feedback.

Hitting goals

In addition to creating content that is going to add real value to their websites, clients also have clear-cut goals on how much content they need to produce. It is not unusual for a client to require several thousand pieces of content in a single week.

A crucial aspect of being a Content Project Coordinator is ensuring that we meet these production goals while maintaining quality. If a project is at risk of missing a goal, it is the Project Coordinator’s duty to get creative and come up with ways to make sure we hit it (such as a special competition or bonus program for freelancers).

Doing what you love

Unlike a lot of people, I was lucky enough to know what I wanted to do, in one form or another, well before I graduated high school. Thanks to my parents and grandparents, I grew up as a ravenous reader, and my enthusiasm for language hasn’t dulled since.

When it came time to make a decision about college, it was a virtual no-brainer: I would study English Lit. Inevitably, over the course of those next four years, I would be relentlessly asked, “Oh, interesting. And what are you going to do with that degree?”

Never in a million years would I have imagined the answer that I’m able to give today; I’m responsible for creating high-quality, engaging content for some of the world’s largest online publishers and retailers!

If you, too, have a passion for creating high-quality content, consider becoming a Content Project Coordinator for OneSpace and help change how the world works.

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