What Is it Like to Work at OneSpace?

The business world is rapidly changing, and at OneSpace we don’t approach this shift as if it were a spectator sport. We are actively changing the way the world works with our innovative platform and forward-thinking team.

How OneSpace was founded

It’s an interesting story, actually. While operating an online publishing business, our founders needed to create engaging, scalable web content. Rather than hiring 150+ team members, our founders decided to outsource the work. They tried some of the common freelancer management platforms on the market but quickly found managing freelancers at scale was a full-time job in itself. So, they decided to create software to do it for them. As the platform evolved, it became evident that this software could be extremely useful to other businesses. That’s when OneSpace was spun off as its own business entity.

The culture at OneSpace

Our leadership team values creativity, collaboration and outside-the-box thinking. Walk through our office and you’ll notice these themes integrated throughout. From the open floor plan to the fully stocked lounge, our “work hard, play hard” attitude inspires open ideation. Everything about our space has been carefully designed with our team members in mind. Much like our approach to software development, usability is our first priority.

As a pioneer in a relatively young industry, we embrace a “work hard, play hard” mentality. Our team members are trusted to manage their time wisely, and in turn, they set and meet ambitious goals while taking time out to recharge with a game of pool or an adult beverage when necessary. Team members are rewarded for responsibly balancing their priorities with spot bonuses, company-wide shout outs, and OneSpace swag.

Perks of working at OneSpace

At OneSpace, our team members’ physical and mental fitness comes first. We reject the maxim that a job gets the “best” of you, and your family gets the “rest” of you; instead, we operate on the principle that productivity increases when the “life” part of “work-life balance” is valued.

Our benefits and perks are designed to help team members and their families maximize their time, energy and overall health. We enjoy a casual dress code, lunch is catered every Friday, and we take “TGIF” to a new level by closing our office at 2:30 every other Friday. Complimentary onsite services (e.g., haircuts, oil changes, physician consults, fitness center) allow team members to take care of necessary “errands” during the business day, freeing them to focus on more personally rewarding activities when they leave the office. This commitment to minimizing the burdens of the daily grind has yielded a healthy, inspired and focused team.

Some say that the freelance movement is the future of work, but we believe the future of work is now. There has never been a more exciting time to be a part of this team!

Join the OneSpace team

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