OneSpace CEO, Stephanie Leffler, Interviewed on Fox 2 News

On Nov. 30, 2015, OneSpace CEO, Stephanie Leffler, joined John Pertzborn of Fox 2 News, St. Louis, to discuss our recent rebrand and how the freelance economy will impact the overall job market in the future.

“The biggest change is the level of expertise available in the freelance marketplace today,” said Leffler. More than ever before, healthcare professionals, copywriters, attorneys and consultants are turning to freelancing.

Another change, as described by Leffler, is that “now we see companies are trying to combine talent of all kinds, including freelancers, service providers, outsourcing companies and even members of their own teams.” The OneSpace platform brings all of these individuals together in one workspace.

Leffler predicted this evolution in 2008 when she co-founded CrowdSource, a cloud-based platform that allows companies to tap into a large crowd of freelance workers to complete large-scale content and data projects. The recent rebrand from CrowdSource to OneSpace establishes a more accurate reflection of the company’s vision: a single platform in the cloud where companies and freelancers can collaborate and establish a flexible working environment.

onespace-the-ones-to-watchOneSpace helps businesses access qualified talent more efficiently than the traditional hiring process. Rather than recruit, interview, hire and train someone for a full-time job with benefits and a salary, OneSpace clients can rely upon consultants with exactly the right skill sets solely when they need them, saving time and money in the long run.

At the same time, OneSpace creates a central location for freelancers to access assignments, track their earnings and manage their careers. Without the need to prospect for new clients, independent contractors are free to focus their efforts on the work that puts food on their tables.

“This operation model is easy and profitable for both sides,” said Leffer.

“The biggest theme that we will see in the future of work will be flexibility,” said Leffler, which is exactly what the OneSpace platform provides. “With millennials now the largest section of the U.S. workforce … you’ll see more people adding an element of freelancing to their work mix.” The most progressive companies have already taken heed and will have a distinct competitive advantage in years to come.

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