Freelancer Spotlight: Kari Brummond

kari-brumThis week, we are excited to introduce you to one of our rockstar freelancers, Kari Brummond. As one of our top-performing contributors, Kari is an integral part of the OneSpace freelance workforce.

About six years ago, Kari began freelance writing part-time in order to augment her husband’s income. As time passed, it became increasingly clear that the flexibility and financial freedom her work provided was exactly what their family needed. She began freelancing full-time, allowing them to pursue the lifestyle they had always dreamed about.

“This type of career path allows our family to live on a single income and doesn’t tie us to any local economy. It has allowed us to move to a small town in the middle of nowhere … something my husband and I had been talking about since we met in London 15 years ago,” Kari said.

Happily based in La Veta, Colorado now, Kari says that one of the major perks of freelance writing is the variety in her day. She can work anywhere and enjoy a relatively constant flow of topics … and pants are optional!

“Working for OneSpace is great because there is quick communication and support from the admins,” she said. “I write a lot of tax articles, but there is always a range of amusing subjects to choose from. Professionally, it has really bolstered my confidence for writing certain types of articles.”

When she isn’t crushing writing tasks on WorkStation, Kari is most likely to be drinking coffee, oversharing on Facebook, binge watching … anything, and hanging out with her kids. Her flexible schedule has given her more time to do the things she loves with the people she loves.

What started out as a way to earn some supplemental cash evolved into a full-time career for Kari. The return on investment for her family goes way beyond a paycheck.

We are so glad to have you on board, Kari!

Over 53 million people are already freelancing in some capacity … you could be next!

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