OneSpace CEO Serves on Workplace Platform Panel at MIT Platform Strategy Summit

On July 15, 2016, OneSpace CEO Stephanie Leffler joined a global community of executives at the MIT Platform Strategy Summit to discuss strategic challenges specific to platform-centered markets and their impact on business. Topics explored by the panel included Startup & Platform Launch, Transitioning Products & Services to Platforms, Pricing Strategy, Open Innovation and User Engagement, among others. The summit was held at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and offered a full day of workshops for attendees.

Focusing on the future of workplace platforms, Leffler tapped into her experience co-founding OneSpace, and shared insights on launching and growing business in an on-demand economy. Along with CEOs of CrowdFlower, Field Nation, Upwork and Elance, Leffler discussed the rapid rise of crowdsourcing in the labor market and how it is revolutionizing the traditional work model. She described how OneSpace developed a talent management platform designed to facilitate an agile talent strategy. This type of online marketplace connects freelancers and companies directly.

“Employers can post jobs they need completed and gain access to a deeper pool of talent than what is typically available to them within the confines of a traditional workplace – often for a lower cost and a quicker turnaround time,” Leffler noted. “This type of model is driving the future of workplace platforms.”

Other workshops at the summit included Rise of the Platform Enterprise; Global Platform Survey; Platform Wars – the Battle for Developers; Building Energy Platforms; Cognitive Platform for the 21st Century Enterprise; How Incumbents Build Platforms; NRECA: Leveraging Existing Assets to Build a Platform; and Fireside Chat: Turning Brands into Platforms.

The strategic focus of the summit is to take an in-depth look at how platform business models are transforming the structure of a vast spectrum of industries such as media, energy, telecommunications, publishing, retail and more. By bringing global executives together to explore new ways to address the insufficiencies of standard business models, the summit aims to facilitate groundbreaking progress in a network-centric economy.

Learn more about OneSpace’s innovative platform, and discover how enterprise clients are seeing transformational results by leveraging our model.

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