Staffing Industry Analysts Feature OneSpace as Leading Freelancer Management System Provider

Recently, OneSpace was featured as one of the seven leading freelancer management system (FMS) providers in a Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) report, further establishing itself as an industry leader in the workforce revolution. The report served dual purposes: to provide an overview of the services and functionalities of each one for current and potential customers, and to deliver a competitive analysis of the leading firms to inform those interested in workforce platform technology, such as venture capital firms, analysts and staffing firms.

According to the report, in order to qualify as an FMS, a provider must deliver “a complete, end-to-end technology system that can allow users in an organization to search for and find a particular worker (or team of workers) and activate, complete, and pay for the work engagement within the system.”

Benchmarks and key differentiators among all providers highlighted in the report included talent communities and networks; occupational, geographic and industry distribution of global spend; metrics regarding assignments, workers, candidate sourcing channels, engagement models, and pricing; and technical functionalities. OneSpace soared in scalability metrics, with 1,000,000 assignments fulfilled through its platform in 2015, boasting a 95 percent fill rate.

OneSpace offers a talent management platform designed to help businesses find a distributed workforce at scale. SIA’s report states that OneSpace’s “workflow and processes were among the most impressive demonstrated.”

The report concludes by summarizing the current capabilities of successful freelancer management system providers, but makes it clear that this market is rapidly evolving as partnerships develop throughout the ecosystem of workforce solutions. The potential for cost savings and new talent sourcing channels continue to drive FMS providers forward.

“It is an honor to be featured in SIA’s report alongside other key industry leaders who share our commitment to workforce innovation,” said Brittany Corners, Director of Marketing for OneSpace. “We are proud that our talent management platform brings teams of employees, trusted contractors, and freelancers together to truly change the way the world works.”

Find out more about how OneSpace’s scalable solutions are made possible through its on-demand talent network and innovative platform today.

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