OneSpace Launches Game-changing Platform

As Vice President of Product at OneSpace, I am thrilled to introduce our new SaaS platform, OneSpace Project Center. As our business has evolved, so has our approach to product management and development. The tools we built were developed organically, solving for a need we had to operate our business most effectively. As time evolved, we recognized that the problem we faced and built tools to solve, was actually pervasive across most companies.

At our core, we are incredibly passionate about solving complex problems in a simple and intuitive way. This is the fundamental challenge and adventure that we as a product team have embraced with OneSpace Project Center. Our Product team, comprised of several Product Managers and UI/UX Designers, make it our mission every day to create products that change the way the world works.

While the work landscape is changing at a dizzying pace, the need that companies have for high quality talent has not. In fact, the demand for talent is growing but the tools available to companies have not kept up. OneSpace Project Center solves this problem by allowing clients to embrace an agile talent strategy and manage their projects and work in one space.

Our platform is unique in the functionality it offers companies to transform how they work. We provide tools allowing companies to:

  • Find and access talent outside talent on-demand or better utilize their internal talent, even on the same assignments
  • Build workflows that mimic their internal processes with full transparency into work being completed at each step
  • Monitor work across various projects with real-time dashboards and on-demand reporting
  • Proven templates that can be used to quickly set up new projects
  • In-app messaging for ease of communication and collaboration
  • Real-time notifications and alerts based on benchmarks and metrics
  • Team management, allowing companies to curate teams of contributors to work on specific projects

We are truly excited to be unveiling this new platform, giving other companies the opportunity to make a tangible impact to their business. Stay tuned for more updates on new features and new ways to use our platform.

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