On-Demand Product Content Solutions Available in One Space

You’re missing out on sales if you’re not publishing content that helps your customers make more informed purchasing decisions. According to Google, 88% of consumers perform online research before they buy a product. In fact, the average shopper consults more than 10 sources in the process. If your business isn’t consistently providing that content — smart, fresh, relative and authoritative — your customers are likely turning to your competitors to get the information they need to make a purchase.

The customer decision-making process takes place in what Google calls the Zero Moment of Truth. This is the precise moment a shopper has a need, question or problem to solve. How do you ensure customers choose your brand when looking for an answer? Be present in the Zero Moment of Truth.

If you’re like most e-commerce retailers, your business isn’t designed to churn out content. Product descriptions, buying guides, articles, Q&As and website copy can be a full-time workload for dozens of people, depending on the scale of your catalog, audience size or channel needs. That’s why we created OneSpace.

Product Content at Scale

OneSpace’s workflow automation platform and built-in network of freelance talent helps retail and e-commerce businesses solve complex product problems at scale. With more than 30,000 writers and editors available 24/7 and on demand, OneSpace changes the way businesses create and manage product content. Clients like Purina and eBay use OneSpace to publish content that is:

  • Expertly written and sourced: Our writers are vetted for qualifications to provide expert content focused on your specific goals and needs. (Goals may include increasing brand awareness or driving conversion rates. Needs may be long-form articles, product descriptions, buying guides or social media posts).
  • Optimized to perform: Our writers understand the search-first focus of today’s consumer behavior and develop content that boosts organic rankings and increases conversion rates.
  • Supported by engagement: Our team of community managers and moderators help ensure your content lives beyond the publish button, providing engagement and reputation management services where appropriate.

The proof is in the performance: Overstock.com leveraged OneSpace to optimize its massive catalog of product descriptions, and the end result was an 84 percent increase in organic traffic.

The OneSpace Convenience

Can you imagine sourcing, assigning, editing, managing and even paying for your product content in one platform? As the name implies, with OneSpace’s on-demand workforce solution, you can.

Use OneSpace to:

  • Find qualified writers and editors.
  • Assign content projects at scale.
  • Manage and approve work.
  • Pay your workforce with ease.

OneSpace is built for your business. Our platform and on-demand workforce is ready to solve your on-demand content needs so that you are the answer your customer finds during their zero moment of truth.

Your next step is simple: Request a consultation with one of our on-demand talent experts to see if OneSpace is the right fit for your business.

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