OneSpace Named One of CIO Review’s 10 Most Promising CPG Tech Solution Providers

OneSpace, the company that helps big-name CPG brands stand out as boldly in the digital world as they do on the physical shelf, has been named one of CIO Review’s 10 Most Promising CPG Tech Solution Providers of 2018.

For the very first time, OneSpace joins the ranks of EnterWorks, IRI and others on CIO Review magazine’s “annual listing of 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing CPG solutions that help businesses manage margins and create seamless customer experience.”

Co-founder and CEO Stephanie Leffler spoke with CIO Review about how OneSpace assists CPG brands in generating pleasing customer experiences by molding the image of a product on retailer websites based on consumer search insights.

“We help CPGs use data to build product information that we optimize through our research and expertise before it reaches the retailer,” says Stephanie. “Our vision is to build a platform that is the centerpiece for all data so as to complete the optimization cycle.”

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About OneSpace

Today, the idea “eye level is buy level” has become just as relevant online as it is offline. OneSpace positions your brand front and center in the digital world by facilitating best-in-class product content production to improve your performance on top online retailers. The world’s largest CPG brands trust OneSpace to keep their products at the top of search results and drive conversions.

The OneSpace Difference

The digital shelf is living and breathing – you can’t just set it and forget it. OneSpace’s experts combine the industry’s largest database of consumer search insights with our sophisticated content production software and on-demand optimization services to respond to this dynamic marketplace faster, capturing opportunity and helping brands gain a first-mover advantage. We ensure your content is always up-to-date based on changes to the products themselves, retailer requirements, seasonality and the consumer search landscape.

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