Tipping the Scale: A Playbook for Brands Who Want to Win on the Digital Shelf

E-commerce looks a lot different today than it did just a few months ago. Almost every manufacturer today – no matter how big or small – is being forced to change the way they approach e-commerce in light of the unprecedented situation caused by COVID-19. Yet when it comes to pivoting quickly, large manufacturers are often at a disadvantage. Why?

The reason it’s so hard for larger companies to be agile is scale. And at a time when pivoting quickly is table stakes, the challenge of scale is becoming even more monumental. The way manufacturers respond to this situation, including how they adjust their 2020 e-commerce strategies, will have long-term implications.

In our latest playbook, OneSpace CMO Amanda Wolff provides a comprehensive guide on how your brand can implement an agile and proactive e-commerce content strategy that enables you to move quickly and beat the competition online. You’ll learn:

  • The four pillars of an agile e-commerce strategy
  • Why it’s so challenging for big brands to scale
  • The importance of mastering the three Qs: quality, quantity, quickly
  • Eight steps to scaling e-commerce content

Download the playbook to learn more.

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