Convenient Car Rentals Today – Self-driving Cars Tomorrow
  • Brittany Corners
  • Jan 28, 2016

In late January 2016, General Motors announced the launch of Maven, a car-sharing service that promises to be a user-specific, personalized, on-demand transportation solution. Maven allows users to reserve a vehicle (Chevy Sparks for now, with Bolts following soon) with a smartphone app, then use that same smartphone to unlock and start the vehicle. The…

Crowdfunding Gone Wild
  • Brittany Corners
  • Jan 21, 2016

In this week’s edition of the OneSpace On-demand Economy Insider Report, we take a quick look at how businesses can harness the power of crowdsourcing and have a little fun with poorly conceived GoFundMe crowdfunding campaigns. Three advantages to crowdsourcing for businesses We can think of at least a dozen, but Varsity Tutors CEO and…

How Crowdsourced Labor Helps Eliminate Employment Discrimination
  • Brittany Corners
  • Jan 18, 2016

In a perfect world, every person’s level of success at work would be based on merit. The most qualified and capable candidate would get the job. The employees who work hardest and produce at the highest level would be promoted first and paid best. Worker evaluations would be entirely objective and based on clear, quantifiable…

On-demand Economy Insider Report
  • Brittany Corners
  • Jan 14, 2016

Welcome to the first edition of On-demand Economy Insider Report, where we bring you up to date on recent developments in crowdsourcing, the sharing economy and other related topics. This week, we’ll cover a large TIME poll on the gig economy, a CEO’s predictions for on-demand work and the latest news regarding ride-sharing services. TIME’s…

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