Capitalizing on Disruption in Male Personal Care & Grooming
  • Neil Saunders
  • Dec 20, 2018

By adapting to the disruption in the male personal care segment, CPG brands can grab a bigger slice of this lucrative and rapidly growing market.

The Evolution of the CPG E-commerce Executive
  • Neil Saunders
  • Dec 18, 2018

All parts of CPG firms are being touched by digital disruption, and that means an integrated approach to e-commerce is now required.

How Baby and Child Care Brands Can Win Online
  • Neil Saunders
  • Nov 27, 2018

Here’s what big-name baby and child care companies such as Abbott, P&G, Kimberly-Clark, Johnson & Johnson and Nestle need to know to win online.

What Target’s Smartly Means for Big CPG Brands
  • Neil Saunders
  • Oct 24, 2018

Smartly, Target’s new own-label brand of household products, has several implications for big CPG brands who are already under pressure from private labels.

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