The 7 Best Content Syndication Networks for SEO
  • Shannon Durio
  • May 15, 2017

Learn how leveraging content syndication networks helps improve your SEO and maximizes your online marketing efforts.

2017 Future Workforce Report: Half of HR Managers Now Use Freelancers
  • Shannon Durio
  • May 9, 2017

Today’s dynamic economic and political climate has created a unique set of challenges for HR professionals across the country. Job vacancies remain open for longer as traditional hiring strategies fall short in an increasingly global and competitive talent market. This shifting business landscape has inspired HR managers to think outside the box, propelling them into…

6 Tips for Managing Virtual Teams
  • Shannon Durio
  • Apr 24, 2017

The rise of the flexible workforce and advancements in technology have made virtual teams a common practice for businesses across the globe. However, just because virtual teams are prevalent does not mean they are always successful. It is important to identify the challenges inherent in managing virtual teams in order to lead effectively. Recruit the…

5 Tricks for Writing Great Amazon Product Descriptions
  • Shannon Durio
  • Apr 17, 2017

With $135.99 billion in annual revenue in 2016, Amazon leads the online retail industry in sales and shopper engagement. As of 2016, the e-commerce giant carries more than 12 million products directly and 340 million products from third-party sellers. Internet retailers – from small businesses to enterprise corporations – looking to boost profits and build…

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