10 Black Americans Who Have Shaped the CPG Industry
  • Joshua Schall
  • Sep 18, 2020

Can you imagine living without frozen pizza, potato chips, ice cream or Tennessee whiskey? These staples and more would likely not exist today if it wasn’t for the innovative minds of these 10 African Americans. While this is not intended to be a definitive list of historically prominent Black Americans in the CPG industry, it…

Should Major CPG Manufacturers Create Amazon Exclusive Brands?
  • Joshua Schall
  • Aug 13, 2020

With private label only accounting for 1% of Amazon’s total U.S. CPG sales, the company is lightyears behind major competitors such as Walmart, Target and Kroger. When it publicly launched its Amazon Accelerator Program in early October of 2018, however, the leading online retailer took “one small step for exclusive products, one giant leap for…

Is Now the Time for Established CPG Brands to Go D2C?
  • Joshua Schall
  • Aug 11, 2020

“One incident can change a lifetime.” That’s what the psychiatrist tells Bradley Cooper’s character during a treatment session in the 2012 movie “Silver Linings Playbook.” Could COVID-19 be the incident that changes the landscape of the CPG industry for a lifetime? It’s hard to argue against the global pandemic’s ability to massively shift consumer behavior….

No Shopper Left Behind: Drive E-commerce Growth by Listening to Your Customers’ Reviews
  • Chris Perry
  • Jul 24, 2020

With nearly all shoppers – 97% to be exact – actively consulting online reviews when making purchase decisions, it should be no surprise how crucial ratings and reviews have become across the path to purchase. In fact, 70% of shoppers will not buy online without reading online reviews first, and 39% of shoppers will not…

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