What Is the Gig Economy (and What Does It Mean for You)?
  • Jason Falls
  • Mar 14, 2017

If you’re anything like most professionals, you’ve heard of the gig economy, but you don’t know exactly what it means for your business. This new term is the latest entry in buzzword bingo, and it describes an emerging labor market characterized by the prevalence of temporary freelance or contract work instead of traditional full-time employment….

Stephanie Leffler Featured on KMOX’s Nothing Impossible
  • Shannon Durio
  • Sep 18, 2016

OneSpace CEO Stephanie Leffler joined Michael Calhoun and Travis Sheridan on KMOX’s Nothing Impossible to discuss the benefits of an elastic workforce and why the future is bright for freelancers and the companies who engage them. Additionally, Leffler shared how OneSpace’s new SaaS platform makes it even more efficient for companies to leverage a team…

Crowdsourcing: An Old Idea Amplified by Modern Technology
  • Brittany Corners
  • Mar 9, 2016

It might seem like crowdsourcing work is purely a 21st-century innovation. The term “crowdsourcing” itself was coined in 2005 by Wired magazine editors Jeff Howe and Mark Robinson and subsequently popularized a year later when Howe used it in an article and a companion blog post. Regardless, while the term is fairly new, the idea…

How Crowdsourced Labor Helps Eliminate Employment Discrimination
  • Brittany Corners
  • Jan 18, 2016

In a perfect world, every person’s level of success at work would be based on merit. The most qualified and capable candidate would get the job. The employees who work hardest and produce at the highest level would be promoted first and paid best. Worker evaluations would be entirely objective and based on clear, quantifiable…

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