4 Client Gifts That Say “Thank You” Better Than a Fruit Basket
  • Brittany Corners
  • Dec 9, 2015

Holiday gifts are a way of showing people that you appreciate them, which can leave gift-givers feeling pressured to select just the right thing. Client gifts can be especially tricky because they must demonstrate your gratitude without being over the top. A client gift should be unique and thoughtful, luxurious but not extravagant, and most…

6 Ways to Shop Like a Ninja This Holiday Season
  • Brittany Corners
  • Nov 30, 2015

Best-in-class ninjas are known for their mercenary combat skills and legendary sneakiness. But, did you know that you hold the same ninja-like powers in the palm of your own hand? When it comes to gift-giving, your smartphone is your secret weapon this holiday season. In it, you hold the power to research, shop and pay…

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