Purina leverages OneSpace to create product content for multiple online marketplaces at scale.

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"OneSpace has enabled us to sell on more marketplaces faster, without adding a single full-time employee or disrupting our existing operations."
Ginnie Pancini Senior Brand Manager, E-commerce Marketing at Purina
  • Challenges

    With hundreds of different retail partners and a 24-week internal turnaround time for content creation, Purina needed a faster and more cost-effective way to create, adapt and deploy product content across multiple online marketplaces.

  • Solutions

    Purina partnered with OneSpace to develop a robust multichannel product content strategy. To execute this strategy at scale, Purina leverages OneSpace’s all-in-one workflow automation platform and built-in network of on-demand e-commerce writers.

  • Results

    By bringing together scalable content creation and a platform designed to streamline legal and regulatory approvals, OneSpace was able to decrease Purina’s time to market by 500%, saving the company approximately 67% in agency-related costs and generating double-digit sales growth from products with newly optimized content.

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