We have a lot of terminology in our industry, much of it not clearly understood.  For those who haven’t had the chance to talk with us, or just want to learn on their own, we hope you find this guide to common yet misunderstood terminology useful.

Crowdsourcing – Get a quick introduction to crowdsourcing, popular types of crowdsourcing, and the types of projects that typically lend themselves to crowdsourcing.

Outsourcing – Learn about traditional outsourcing and the benefits, challenges and economic effects surrounding it.

Freelancing –   An overview on what it means to be a freelancer.  Learn about the pros and cons, popular industries and how the exchange for services is different.

Copy Editing – Explore the differences between “copy editing” and “general editing” and how it all relates to the review process.

Journalism – An overview on it’s core objectives, current challenges and advancements and the common know types of journalism.

Copywriting – Learn about the general intent of copywriting and common challenges that copywriters encounter.

Website Content Writer – Find out what it means to be a website content writer, including the special skills and the shared purpose that sets them apart from other writers.

Transcription Service – Gain a background in transcription history, the needed skills of a transcriptionist, transcription services and popular billing methods.