The term copywriting refers to a type of writing that has the sole intent of selling a product or service. The copy needs to be succinct and persuasive, and is one of the most difficult styles of writing to master, which also makes it one of the most lucrative.

Types of Copywriting

Anything promotional is considered a type of copywriting. Some examples include print advertisements, brochures, taglines, direct mail, and sales letters. There are also many kinds of copywriting found online, including: product descriptions, landing pages, banner ads, emails, and even social media posts. Some articles and blogs may also be considered copywriting if their purpose is to sell something, but these are usually kept in the content writing category.

Challenges of Copywriting

Most forms of copywriting have very limited space, so the writer needs to use the most precise words to persuade the reader. However, the copy cannot be written in a way that is cheesy or too pushy, because that will not convince anyone to buy anything. This is one of the most challenging parts of the job, and when writers are good at it they can find great success in the industry. Companies pay big money for effective copywriting because it translates directly into money in their pockets.

The use of keywords is another challenge that online copywriters face. Keywords are common phrases that people search for online, and they are an integral part of where a website ranks in search results. However, tying in the keywords without taking away from the sales language is not an easy task.

Where Copywriters Work

Many companies have in-house copywriters on payroll. These copywriters work hand-in-hand with other members of a creative team, which often include an art director or web designer. They are strictly in charge of the words on the advertisements or webpages, letting the other people deal with the visual aspect. Another option is for a company to hire a freelance writer for their copywriting. While this hasn’t always been a practical option, the Internet now makes it very easy for businesses and skilled freelancers to connect.

People looking to become a copywriter need to weigh the pros and cons between each of the viable work options. As part of a company, the pay is more secure and benefits may be obtained, but as a freelancer there is no set schedule and the writers can choose their own rates. Regardless, if copywriters can perfect their craft, they will be sought after by many and be able to make a very decent living.