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OneSpace is the most comprehensive solution for scaling your on-demand workforce.

Private Talent Network

Build a private talent network of your existing employees, vendors, contractors and freelancers. Send custom invitations, set unique project permissions, and control whether payments are issued on or off platform.

  • Benefits:
  • Empower your employees by fully integrating them with your external talent.
  • Maintain relationships with freelancers who’ve proven themselves reliable.
  • Ensure team members are focused on the most profitable tasks.

OneSpace Direct

Instantly amplify your private talent with OneSpace Direct, our on-demand network of more than 100,000 independent professionals. Use our Freelancer Search to find people with specific skillsets, or leverage our hand-curated teams to access the best available talent in seconds.

  • Benefits:
  • Scale your workforce in seconds without hiring additional employees.
  • Eliminate contracts and time-intensive onboarding processes.
  • Ensure accurate classification and labor law compliance.
  • About
    Diego Abella
    • Title
      Data Analyst
    • Location
      South Padre, TX
    • Hours Worked
    • Skills
      Attribute Identification, Quality Assurance, Data Collection
    Approval Rating 92%
  • About
    Lisa Stein
    • Title
      Tech Writer
    • Location
      Boston, MA
    • Hours Worked
    • Skills
      Technical Writing, Content Marketing, Copy Editing          
    Approval Rating 98%
  • About
    Joe Turnball
    • Title
      Moderation Expert
    • Location
      Los Angeles, CA
    • Hours Worked
    • Skills
      Image Moderation, Content Moderation, Data Verification
    Approval Rating 94%
  • About
    Sandra Barry
    • Title
    • Location
      Kansas City, MO
    • Hours Worked
    • Skills
      Audio Transcription, Video Transcription, Copy Editing      
    Approval Rating 90%
  • About
    Emmy Millhouse
    • Title
      Marketing Strategist
    • Location
      Denver, CO
    • Hours Worked
    • Skills
      Content Marketing, Research, Search Engine Optimization
    Approval Rating 95%

Virtual Workspace

Unify your talent using a built-in virtual workspace that your teams can use to submit work anywhere, anytime. Create custom assignments using our drag-and-drop editor, or use our industry-tested templates to get up and running in minutes.

  • Benefits:
  • Distribute work more efficiently with assignment-based task queues.
  • Streamline communication using in-app messaging and real-time feedback.
  • Increase employee satisfaction by promoting greater workplace flexibility.

Automated Workflows

Seamlessly route tasks between internal and external team members using our point-and-click workflow automation tools. Choose from our library of customizable templates, or clone existing workflows to easily repeat or improve existing processes.

  • Benefits:
  • Automate workflows of any complexity without development.
  • Streamline collaboration, review and editing.
  • Improve quality by eliminating the potential for human error.

Performance Management Tools

Monitor the performance of your entire workforce in one place. Surface top performers via real-time dashboards, and motivate your workforce with bonus programs and LevelUP™ incentives.

  • Benefits:
  • Promote efficiency and consistency by paying for production instead of time.
  • Facilitate a culture of agile, continuous feedback.
  • Ensure equitable treatment of team members by making data-driven decisions.

Workflow Management Tools

Monitor workflow progress and ensure project deliverables meet SLAs with real-time KPI reporting. Use high-level dashboards to track cost and velocity metrics, and configure automated reports for in-depth analysis.

  • Benefits:
  • Instantly identify bottlenecks and uncover optimization opportunities.
  • Quickly scale the initiatives that have the most impact on your business.
  • Increase profitability by tracking cost down to the individual task.

Seamless Integration

Fully integrate the OneSpace software with your organization’s existing business processes. Export results and KPI reports in bulk, or connect to our API to automatically transfer data to your content or database management system.

  • Benefits:
  • Increase efficiency without disrupting your existing processes.
  • Improve velocity and decrease time to market.
  • Get real-time results for time-sensitive assignments.

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