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Staying at the top of search results and converting on the major online retailers requires both innovative technology and dedicated people who understand it. At OneSpace, we’re more than just a platform. Our experts work side by side with your team to plan and execute a wide variety of e-commerce initiatives, maximizing your performance while decreasing the burden on your internal teams.

Specialized Services
  • Attribution & Keyword Research Content Development
  • Image Creation Deployment Support
  • Attribution & Keyword Research

    Keywords are the foundation of good product content, but the raw search volume data for your category needs to be prioritized and mapped to the different products in your portfolio in order to be meaningful. OneSpace’s sophisticated keyword research process eliminates cannibalization of keywords within your portfolio and creates a roadmap for content optimization for all of your products – not just your hero SKUs.

    We provide:
    • A complete set of search and navigation attributes
    • A comprehensive list of item-specific target keywords
    • Recommendations for how to use target keywords on and off the page
  • Content Development

    OneSpace’s data-driven approach to product content development ensures listings are always optimized for maximum search visibility and conversion. We make regular updates to content based on changes to the products themselves, retailer requirements, seasonality, and the consumer search landscape.

    We help brands:
    • Create new product content from scratch
    • Adapt content for multiple retailers
    • Optimize content for search visibility and conversion
    • Update content for seasonal search trends and holidays
    • Perform ongoing content optimizations as needed
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  • Image Creation

    Image carousels are one of the biggest drivers of conversions on retailer websites. Many retailers allow brands to put text on their product images, giving you a huge opportunity to merchandise your products and answer consumer questions. Using our data-driven approach to content development, OneSpace creates engaging product images designed to highlight the features and benefits consumers care about the most, optimized for maximum performance on any size screen.

    We provide:
    • Basic image carousels
    • Premium image carousels
    • Mobile-ready hero image sets
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  • Deployment Support

    Maintaining a single source of truth and successfully publishing product content to the various retailer websites is one of the most significant e-commerce challenges today’s brands face. Our deployment experts are trained to help you manage the storage and syndication of your content, whether through OneSpace Product Publisher, your existing tools, or manual processes.

    We assist with:
    • PIM implementation and configuration
    • Product data maintenance
    • Publishing and syndication management

Standard Services

  • Onboarding & Strategic Planning

    Every OneSpace client receives a range of onboarding and strategic planning services to ensure your team is set up for maximum success on the digital shelf.

    We will:
    • Provide product training for all platform users
    • Build content and image playbooks
    • Diagram and create content production workflows
    • Develop plans for ongoing maintenance, optimization and seasonal updates
  • Account Management & Support

    Every OneSpace client also receives a dedicated account team that provides ongoing product and strategic support throughout the life of the partnership.

    We conduct:
    • Kickoff calls to introduce teams and discuss onboarding and strategy
    • Planning meetings to identify goals, establish timelines, and align on expectations
    • Debrief meetings to review successes and identify future opportunities for improvement
    • Mid-year business reviews to analyze KPIs and plan future strategic investments

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