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OneSpace Merchandiser is the first e-content optimization platform designed to help CPG brands dominate the digital shelf.

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Our e-content optimization platform is used by the world's leading consumer brands and retailers.

Fast-moving consumer goods require a fast-moving e-commerce strategy.

Success on the digital shelf requires a closed loop of data and continuous optimization. Product rankings and placements change daily. You need to respond to these market changes with speed and scale. OneSpace provides all the tools you need to strategize, monitor, optimize and maintain your product content across multiple retailers.

Explore Consumer Search Insights

Align product content with real consumer search behavior by accessing keyword search volume data from leading retail sites.

OneSpace Merchandiser provides the industry's largest database of e-commerce search data. Understand how consumers search for products on top retailers such as Amazon and Walmart, specialty grocery, pet, beauty and healthcare retailers, and even same-day delivery services such as Instacart.

  • With Consumer Search Insights, you can:
  • Discover keyword search volume trends across 17 leading retailers.
  • Pinpoint search differences between retailers.
  • Create watchlists and receive email notifications to monitor changes in consumer search behavior.

Strategize with Category Intelligence

Take your product content strategy to the next level by evaluating search behavior within specific categories and benchmarking your brand’s share of voice.

We enhanced our consumer search data by layering in category and brand information. Drill into the categories most relevant to your products, and pinpoint the keywords with the highest search volume. Better understand your share of voice as a whole or within target categories by seeing how often consumers search for your brand compared to your competitors.

  • With Category Intelligence, you can:
  • Identify the most popular search terms and attribute filters across 3,000+ categories.
  • Gain insight into your brand's share of voice with branded and non-branded search reports.
  • Evaluate competitors’ share of voice across your most important categories.

Be proactive with Product Rank & Content Monitoring

Monitor product performance and receive optimization suggestions from our industry-leading AI service.

OneSpace Merchandiser continually monitors product performance across retailers so you don't have to. Our platform assesses product content for the success factors that drive rankings and conversions on each retailer and delivers optimization suggestions.

  • With Product Rank & Content Monitoring, you can
  • Track the rankings of your products and be notified of changes.
  • Know when competitors gain ranking advantage for specific search terms.
  • Receive and respond to content optimization recommendations.
  • Gain visibility into the content that is live on retailer sites.
  • View your digital shelf by quickly accessing key search results pages.

Optimize Your Content at the Speed of e-Commerce

Are you wanting to execute our optimization suggestions but don't have the resources? We can turn recommendations into execution at unrivaled speed and scale. Let us transform your product content across retailers to maximize growth.

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Other On-Demand e-Commerce Services

We offer a variety of services that help CPGs and brands execute their e-content strategy.

  • Product Content Optimization
  • Voice Search
  • Product Content
  • Product Data
  • Conversion Rate
  • Salsify Implementation

What Our Clients Say

  • "Our success hinges on our ability to help customers find the exact products they need. Thanks to OneSpace, we were able to scale our available inventory by over 300% while continuing to provide customers with a first-class search and navigation experience."

    Andrew Wynn Former Senior Manager, Data & Catalog
  • "OneSpace's scalable and flexible solutions helped secure Overstock's position as one of the world's most successful e-tailers."

    Stephen Tryon Former SVP of Human Capital Management and Support Operations
  • "OneSpace has enabled us to sell on more marketplaces faster, without adding a single full-time employee or disrupting our existing operations."

    Ginnie Pancini Senior Brand Manager, E-commerce Marketing

The top three search results on retail sites receive 70% of clicks and 55% of conversions.

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  • Personalized tips for optimizing your content for conversion
  • Analysis of your brand’s share of voice vs. your competitors
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