Meet the Team

The Client Success department of OneSpace consists of four different teams that work together to ensure the success of the clients and freelancers who use our platforms. Meet the teams that make up this department below.

Client Success Leadership Team

The Client Success leadership team makes sure the department fulfills its goal of providing a first-class work experience for both clients and freelancers. Their duties range from curating an internal team of experts to driving the overall strategy of the department.

Client Management Team

Wondering who to thank for the latest batch of tasks in your favorite assignment? That’s our Client Management team, who keeps an open dialogue with our clients to establish quality standards and ensure a steady stream of work.

Client Operations Team

The Client Operations team is responsible for making sure projects run smoothly on the WorkStation platform. They handle everything from writing instructions and moderating work to communicating with freelancers.

Client Solutions Team

The Client Solutions team is responsible for turning dreams into reality. They design and build assignments on Project Center and implement customizations that help us meet the unique needs of every client while creating a UI that makes even the most complex tasks easy to perform.

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