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  • Active Freelancers

  • Tasks Completed

  • Based in U.S.

  • FTE Productivity in 2016
    890+ years

  • About
    Diego Abella
    • Title
      Data Analyst
    • Location
      South Padre, TX
    • Hours Worked
    • Skills
      Attribute Identification, Quality Assurance, Data Collection
    Approval Rating 92%
  • About
    Lisa Stein
    • Title
      Tech Writer
    • Location
      Boston, MA
    • Hours Worked
    • Skills
      Technical Writing, Content Marketing, Copy Editing          
    Approval Rating 98%
  • About
    Joe Turnball
    • Title
      Moderation Expert
    • Location
      Los Angeles, CA
    • Hours Worked
    • Skills
      Image Moderation, Content Moderation, Data Verification
    Approval Rating 94%
  • About
    Sandra Barry
    • Title
    • Location
      Kansas City, MO
    • Hours Worked
    • Skills
      Audio Transcription, Video Transcription, Copy Editing      
    Approval Rating 90%
  • About
    Emmy Millhouse
    • Title
      Marketing Strategist
    • Location
      Denver, CO
    • Hours Worked
    • Skills
      Content Marketing, Research, Search Engine Optimization
    Approval Rating 95%

Areas of Expertise

  • Copy Editing 10,227 freelancers
  • Copywriting 21,547 freelancers
  • Data Categorization 25,449 freelancers
  • Data Collection 26,149 freelancers
  • Graphic Design 1,304 freelancers
  • Marketing 2,570 freelancers
  • Moderation 25,558 freelancers
  • Transcription 1,436 freelancers

Screening Process

  • 1. Identity Verification
    We utilize PayPal’s rigorous identity verification process to ensure freelancers are who they say they are.
  • 2. Profile Review
    We review freelancers’ profiles to make sure they have the appropriate experience to join our network.
  • 3. Skill Assessments
    We test freelancers’ strengths with a series of skill-based assessments.
  • 4. Performance Audits
    We conduct quarterly performance audits to ensure freelancers submit high-quality work.
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Who uses our talent?

used a team of
copy writers
to create 100,000 product descriptions per month.
used a team of
to review 5,000 product images per day.
used a team of
data collectors
to gather 50,000 product attributes per month.
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