Welcome to the on-demand economy.

Companies can now leverage the collective talent of experts across the globe to quickly solve problems and complete large-scale projects at a fraction of the cost.
of companies will increase their use of a flexible workforce over the next three years.
– Oxford Workforce 2020 Report
Today’s flexible workforce Many skilled individuals have found that working as independent contractors affords them a newfound and rewarding power over their day-to-day schedules and workloads.
In 2014, over 30 million individuals in the United States alone worked on a freelance basis, collectively earning more than
$1 trillion.
– MBO Partners, 2014 Freelancer Study

Companies are redefining the way they employ talent.

Today's leaders have discovered that incorporating remote talent on a contractor basis affords them substantial cost savings and flexibility over traditional hiring methods.
0% of CEOs
said they are "looking for a much broader range of skills when hiring than they have in the past."
– PwC 18th Annual Global CEO Survey

OneSpace is

a virtual workforce platform that brings companies in need of flexible, scalable talent together with freelancers seeking assignments that match their skillsets.

We simplify the way work gets done.

CONNECT CONNECT Instantly access the world’s largest curated network of on-demand talent.
COLLABORATE COLLABORATE Effectively facilitate collaboration between internal teams and external talent.
ANALYZE & OPTIMIZE ANALYZE & OPTIMIZE Manage your flexible workforce with sophisticated performance analytics.
MANAGE PAYMENTS & COMPLIANCE MANAGE PAYMENTS Distribute payments to a multi-channel workforce and comply with labor laws.
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