Product Merchandising Platform

The digital shelf is living and breathing – you can’t just set it and forget it. Our e-commerce tools help brands respond to this dynamic marketplace faster, capturing opportunity and gaining a first-mover advantage. The OneSpace Product Merchandising Platform can be used independently or integrated with your existing technology to help you optimize, centralize and publish product content that wins top position on the digital shelf.

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Product Merchandising Platform

By combining e-commerce search data and content optimization tools with software for content storage and syndication, OneSpace’s Product Merchandising Platform helps CPG brands increase organic search visibility and conversions across multiple online retailers at scale.


Discover new opportunities to optimize product content with access to consumer search data across 19 leading retailer sites.

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Improve search rankings with proven workflows that make it more efficient to optimize content for multiple retailers.

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Centralize your product content by integrating information from multiple systems and spreadsheets into a single source of truth.

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Syndicate your product content to online retailers, marketplaces, sales catalogs, other syndication platforms, and more.

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  • E-commerce Keyword Research Product Content Optimization
  • Product Information Management Product Content Syndication
  • E-commerce Keyword Research

    Discover new opportunities to improve rankings by aligning product content with consumer search trends. OneSpace Retailer Search Insights is a keyword research tool that gives you insight into consumer search behavior across 19 leading online retailers.

    You can:
    • Browse keywords by search volume
    • Monitor consumer search trends over time
    • Analyze search behavior for a specific category
    • Match the right keywords to the right products
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  • Product Content Optimization

    Improve search rankings by optimizing product content at unrivaled speed and scale. OneSpace Content Optimizer is an easy-to-use optimization platform that integrates retailer best practices with proven workflows to make content optimization across retailers more efficient.

    We provide:
    • On-demand team of content creators and image designers
    • Retailer-specific workflows
    • Data-driven content and image creation
    • Streamlined collaboration and review
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  • Product Information Management

    Centralize your product content by integrating information from multiple systems and spreadsheets into a single source of truth. OneSpace Product Manager can be used as a standalone tool or integrated with your existing PIM to keep your product content in sync.

    You can:
    • Upload all of your product content and images
    • View all of your products at once and customize your view
    • Use advanced filters to quickly locate specific products
    • Organize your products into lists
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  • Product Content Syndication

    Syndicate your product content to multiple destinations, including online retailers, marketplaces, sales catalogs, other syndication platforms and more. Whether through API or spreadsheet, OneSpace Product Publisher distributes your content to all the destinations that need it.

    You can:
    • Syndicate your content to multiple retailers at the same time
    • Validate that content matches retailer requirements
    • Transform images and videos to meet retailer requirements
    • Export product content to Excel
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Our experts work side by side with your team to plan and execute a wide variety of e-commerce initiatives at scale.

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We help CPG brands overcome a number of challenges associated with digital shelf optimization.

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