Digital Shelf Monitoring

Verifying that your optimized product content has been published properly on retailer websites is a highly manual and time-consuming task that is almost impossible for big brands to do at scale. OneSpace’s Digital Shelf Auditor takes the guesswork out of the content publication process, allowing you to monitor all of your product listings across online retailers in a single, easy-to-use interface.

View live product listings across retailer websites.

Assessing the current state of your product content typically requires you to visit each individual retailer’s website and locate all of your product listings. Our tools automate this process by providing instant visibility into the content that’s currently live on all of your product listings across retailer websites.

  • Upload the product IDs you want to monitor
  • Add tags to categorize your listings into groups
  • Review your listings directly within our interface or on the retailer’s website
  • Flag and export listings that require your attention

Compare product content over time or to a single source of truth.

Online retailers and third-party sellers have the ability to alter your product listings without your consent. OneSpace Digital Shelf Auditor makes it easy to track changes to your product pages by comparing what’s live on the retailer’s website to your last confirmed snapshot or single source of truth (PIM).

  • Receive custom alerts every time your product listings change
  • View a side-by-side comparison of what you expect to see and what is live
  • Filter your alerts to view listings with specific types of changes
  • Flag and export listings that require your attention

Monitor product listings on:

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