Product Content Optimization

Create and optimize product content for multiple online retailers at unrivaled speed and scale. OneSpace’s Content Optimizer tool provides proven workflows that streamline collaboration between teams and make it easy to customize content for the unique search trends and requirements of each online retailer.

Strategically optimize your product content for consumer search trends.

Knowing what not to optimize for is just as important as knowing what to focus on. Our tools help you understand how your content is performing against real consumer search trends, allowing you to easily identify the most impactful updates.

  • Get ongoing optimization reports with insights into product performance
  • Use our seasonality data to ensure your content is on trend
  • Employ a retailer-specific strategy based on the unique ways consumers search

Rapidly execute retailer-specific content across your portfolio.

Gain efficiency by enabling writers to create product content for all retailers within the same interface. With built-in validation for retailer requirements, you can create content for multiple retailers quickly and with confidence.

  • Leverage robust content creation workflows with integrated text editors
  • Share key elements of content across retailers
  • Validate that content meets retailer requirements as you type

Leverage integrated search and attribute data for content and image creation.

Great content accurately describes your product and speaks directly to how consumers are searching for it, in their own words. Our advanced workflow tools integrate search and attribute data within the content creation experience, allowing you to:

  • See how keywords will impact search visibility
  • Understand the most important attributes to focus on
  • Review keyword density and how keywords are being used within your content
  • Preview search volume differences by retailer for each keyword phrase

Streamline your collaboration and review processes.

Product content needs to be right and gain approval from various stakeholders along the way. OneSpace Content Optimizer incorporates this seamlessly into our workflows.

  • Leave feedback for one or more products directly in the interface
  • Send products and images back for revision if one or more elements need adjustment
  • Provide the content in multiple forms for your stakeholders to ensure timely review
collaboration and review

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