Product Information Management

Create a single source of truth for your product content by integrating information from multiple systems into OneSpace Product Manager. Our platform can easily work as part of your existing systems or can be used as a standalone solution, both with the goal of keeping your product content consistent, correct, and centralized.

Manage all of your product content and images.

Store all of your product content and assets in a centralized place that is flexible enough to allow you to manage your products at scale while preserving your ideal product structure. Our tools offer:

  • Bulk uploads and customizable downloads of product information
  • Support for multi-level product hierarchy and content inheritance across products
  • Maintain multiple versions of your content and assets for different retailers and destinations

Structure your product data with properties and groups.

Create consistency and structure for all of your products’ details by utilizing our property and property groups. With these tools you can:

  • Utilize nine different data types, e.g. string, number, dropdown, etc.
  • Organize retailer-specific details into their own groupings
  • Share similar data properties across product lines and portfolios
  • Utilize a master set of properties that are applicable to all products

View all of your products at once and customize your view.

Quickly and easily find your products using our intuitive product views. Using any detail on your product record, we offer a variety of ways to view your products including:

  • Advanced filters and search that help isolate only the products you want to work with
  • Manage which data you want visible in your product lists
  • Save your configured views, filters and all, for later use

Organize your products into lists.

Whether preparing for syndication, grouping by brand portfolio, or any other purpose, OneSpace Product Manager has built-in tools to enable you to create product lists for easy reference and action.

  • Create product lists with custom names using our extensive list of advanced filters
  • Set the permissions on your product lists as public or private to determine who can use the list

Centralize product content from:

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