How do I scale the product content production process?

At a time when having a first-mover advantage can be the difference between winning or losing at e-commerce, delays are something most large CPG companies cannot afford. Managing content on the digital shelf is complex and can often be a highly manual effort. With copy and images routing through emails and being tracked in spreadsheets, there can be a lot of project management challenges that cause inefficiencies and delays.

OneSpace’s optimization program includes access to our customizable content production platform, which features digital shelf workflow tools configured for you by our expert team.

The flexibility and sophistication of our workflow tools enable us to facilitate an efficient content production process that is tailored to the intricacies and complex needs of large enterprise organizations. Our workflows connect your e-commerce, brand, legal, and other stakeholder teams directly with the content creators at OneSpace or your agency partners. This allows for content production at unrivaled speed and scale, providing visibility into any delays in the approval process and accountability for team members who would have otherwise had none.

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