How do I customize product content for multiple retailers?

A one-size-fits-all approach typically doesn’t work well for CPG brands selling their products on multiple online retailers. Not only do the retailers have a wide variety of templates and rules that require adaptations to your core content, but they are also constantly making changes to those requirements.

In addition, consumers themselves often search – and shop – differently on different retailer sites. CPG brands often struggle to find the horsepower to execute this many content adaptations quickly and efficiently.

At OneSpace, our team members have deep expertise in the unique aspects of selling on the different retailer sites, and we leverage that knowledge to your advantage.

During onboarding, we conduct a retailer-by-retailer review to ensure a clear content strategy is outlined for all of your enrolled SKUs and retailers. In addition, we stay abreast of any other changes including new content fields, increased character counts, added bullet points, and changes in search algorithms. We then update your content to ensure it meets the new retailer requirements and continues to operate at peak performance.

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