Professional Services

Get the most out of your OneSpace experience by leveraging our personalized business services. Our experts are trained to help you optimize every step of the project lifecycle.

Implementation Services

Get up and running faster by allowing our implementation specialists to seamlessly integrate OneSpace into your organization’s existing business processes.

Examples of what we do:

  • Host a project strategy session.

  • Develop a custom implementation plan.

  • Provide two hours of in-depth training.

  • Set up your first workflow.

  • Curate a team of expert freelancers.

Contact us about our implementation services.

Project Management Services

Free up your internal resources to focus on high-level strategic priorities by letting the OneSpace Client Success team manage the entire project lifecycle for you.

Jayme O'Renic, VP Client Success
Amanda, Sr. Project Manager
Dan, Project Manager
Maggie, Project Manager
Taylor, Project Manager

Examples of what we do:

  • Create and manage your projects.

  • Recruit and train your talent.

  • Review work and provide feedback.

  • Monitor cost, performance and progress.

  • Deliver completed results.

Contact us about our project management services.

Strategic Services

Maximize the potential of our platform by teaming up with our account strategists to design, develop and execute your organization’s most important initiatives.

Examples of what we do:

  • Develop your content marketing strategy.

  • Perform in-depth audits of website performance.

  • Assist with budget allocation and resource planning.

  • Host innovation sessions with your leadership team.

Contact us about our strategic services.

Recruitment Services

Engage highly specialized, hard-to-find or in-demand talent by utilizing our recruitment specialists to curate and qualify teams of freelancers outside of the OneSpace Direct network.

Contact us about our recruitment services.

Examples of experts we've recruited:

  • Writers who have aesthetic medicine certifications

  • Senior editors who are Canadian CPAs

  • Data analysts who are licensed stockbrokers

  • Marketers with experience in the equine industry

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