Digital Commerce Re-Tales

The Digital Commerce Re-Tales series highlights personal and professional stories from the people and brands defining the direction of digital commerce. While each profile is as unique as the figures themselves, they share common themes such as learning to navigate the ever-changing nature of the eCommerce industry.

Check out previous profiles you might have missed or want to read below.

Chayse Joubert

Leading CPG Food Company

We chat with Chayse Joubert about “future proofing” organizations, the importance of mentors and family in the course of a career, and harnessing the knowledge of his buyers to bring a new perspective to the business.

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Chris Perry & Oskar Kaszubski


Meet the dynamic duo behind firstmovr! Chief Learning Officer Chris Perry and Chief Growth Officer Oskar Kaszubski help brands defeat the Dark Side (of digital commerce).

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Abi Harmon


Discover how Abi Harmon, Chief Operating Officer at Perpetua, has built her unique eCommerce resume with experience working for a retailer, a brand, and a service provider.

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Russ Dieringer


Solopreneur and Stratably founder  kicks of Season 2 of our Digital Commerce Re-Tales article series, sharing his thoughts on serendipity, striking out on your own, and social commerce as the next big thing in the ever-changing eCommerce industry.

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Molly Schonthal


Molly Schonthal, VP of Executive Strategy at Salsify, is a class act. Anyone who has had the privilege of working with her knows that she is also wicked smart, hilariously funny, and a generous connector of like-minded people through her work at The Digital Shelf Institute and Salsify. Learn more about how this self-proclaimed Cruise Director for eCommerce quantifies the value of good content and chases the fairytale of work-life balance.

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Surabhi Pokhriyal

Church & Dwight

Tenacious, driven, and kind, Surabhi Pokhriyal, Chief Digital Growth Officer at Church & Dwight, is delightful to work with. Learn more about her professional passions, her thoughts on leadership, and the most meaningful advice she has received throughout her career.

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Sri Rajagopalan

CPG Guys Podcast

“If we can just be better listeners, it will solve so many things in life.” Sri Rajagopalan, CPG Guys Co-Host,  is well-known for his charisma, but it’s in his contemplative moments where we find his insights and perspective so endearing. Read more about how he gives back by educating others and champions listening as a practice.

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Diana Haussling


Diana Haussling, VP of Digital Commerce at Colgate-Palmolive, is a force of nature. We had the pleasure of learning about her Caribbean upbringing, authenticity as a career turning point, and how she harnesses her superpowers.

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Neha Gupta Mallik

B&G Foods

We thought we knew Neha Gupta Mallik, Director of eCommerce at B&G Foods, pretty well until we chatted with her for our Digital Commerce Re-Tales series. We learned about her connection with her daughters, her background growing up in India, her mentors and how she approaches mentorship in return, and about the passions that fuel her.

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Jennifer Elmashni

BIC International

Our Digital Commerce Re-Tales article series begins with Jennifer Elmashni, Vice President of Global eCommerce and Digital Marketing at BIC International. We are thrilled to share her personal and professional story. Read all about Jennifer’s first time managing people, her biggest bad habit, and her love of tap dancing.

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