Data Collection Solutions

Enhance user experience, efficiently train algorithms, and increase conversions by using a trained human workforce to collect and analyze key data. OneSpace’s virtual workspace and prequalified network of on-demand freelancers help you complete high-volume data collection projects with unprecedented speed and quality.

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Benefits of OneSpace

OneSpace is an all-in-one workflow automation platform with a built-in network of expert freelancers. Every subscription comes with a robust suite of features designed to help you collect and analyze a wide range of data at scale.

  • ... Expert Talent

    Get on-demand access to OneSpace Direct, our elite network of freelance data and QA specialists.

  • ... Cloud-based Collaboration

    Unify your entire workforce in one virtual workspace that your teams can use to collect and analyze data anywhere, anytime.

  • ... Accuracy & Precision

    Ensure deliverables are accurate and complete using built-in quality control and performance management features.

  • ... Automation & Integration

    Scale output and optimize efficiency with our point-and-click workflow automation and API integration tools.

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Hand-curated Teams

Access the best available talent in seconds using our hand-curated teams of freelance experts. These data and QA specialists are heavily vetted and have experience doing work for companies such as Adgooroo and Hipcamp.

  • Data Collectors
    • Members: 185
    • Avg. Approval Rating: 96%
    • Assignments Completed: 22,910,571
  • Data Categorizers
    • Members: 519
    • Avg. Approval Rating: 97%
    • Assignments Completed: 25,691,550
  • Moderators & Quality Assurance Specialists
    • Members 132
    • Avg. Approval Rating: 97%
    • Assignments Completed: 7,003,755
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