Opinion Mining & Sentiment Analysis

With millions of conversations happening online every day, how do you efficiently monitor and analyze what consumers are saying about your brand? OneSpace delivers the most accurate opinion mining and sentiment analysis results by enhancing automation and AI with real human judgement.

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Client Success

OneSpace’s scalable opinion mining solutions are trusted by some of the world’s leading brands, from software companies to marketing and PR agencies.

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    analyzed 500,000 comments in one month.

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    analyzed 19,994 comments in one day.

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Benefits of Human-Based Sentiment Analysis

Make strategic decisions based on both quantitative and qualitative data — all classified by real people. Unlike automated sentiment analysis methods, human-curated teams understand context and tone and can provide more in-depth analysis.

  • Enhance: Test and train your sentiment algorithms more efficiently.
  • Learn: Get deeper, more actionable data about your brand or product.
  • Research: Quickly understand consumer attitudes and trends.
  • Respond: Instantly react to changing opinions and demands.
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Benefits of OneSpace

OneSpace is a workflow automation platform with a built-in network of on-demand talent. Every subscription comes with a robust suite of features designed to help you combine AI and human insight to deliver the most accurate sentiment analysis results.

  • ... OneSpace Direct

    Onboard your existing talent and amplify as needed with instant access to our hand-curated network of freelancers.

  • ... Virtual Workspace

    Post custom assignments to a virtual workspace that your teams can use to analyze content anywhere, anytime.

  • ... Performance Management

    Gain valuable insight into important performance metrics with custom reports and real-time analytics dashboards.

  • ... Automated Workflows

    Collect sentiment data at scale and optimize cost, velocity and quality using our point-and-click workflow automation tools.

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Sentiment Analysis Workflows

Start collecting sentiment data in minutes using OneSpace’s customizable workflow templates. Each template includes automated quality controls and instructions based on industry best practices.

  • Types of sentiment analysis:
  • Tweets
  • Facebook posts
  • Blog comments
  • Product reviews
  • Images
  • Videos
  • More
  • Sentiment analysis best practices:
  • Use a five-point rating scale.
  • Ask pointed follow-up questions.
  • Send each piece of content to 2-3 people for analysis.
  • Aggregate and analyze data to recognize patterns and trends.

Example Workflow

  • 1 Provide Content

    Provide a piece of content for analysis, such as a comment, image or video.

  • 2 Analyze

    A trained QA specialist reviews the content, rates it according to the designated scale, and answers any follow-up questions. Send the same item to multiple freelancers for improved accuracy.

  • 3 Review

    A trusted QA reviewer or one of your internal team members reviews the analysis for accuracy and completeness. Enable our spot-checking feature to limit the number of items sent to review.

  • 4 Download

    Download the completed sentiment analysis file, or automatically transfer results to your database via our API.

Hand-curated Teams

Gain instant access to the best talent OneSpace Direct has to offer with our hand-curated teams of freelancers. These freelancers are heavily vetted and have a wide variety of backgrounds and interests.

  • Quality Assurance Specialists
    • Members: 143
    • Avg. Approval Rating: 97%
    • Assignments Completed: 32,868,153
  • Quality Assurance Reviewers
    • Members: 122
    • Avg. Approval Rating: 98%
    • Assignments Completed: 38,213,755
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