Product Descriptions

Increase organic search traffic by up to 84% by publishing unique product descriptions. With OneSpace, you can combine your internal teams with freelance product description writers in one virtual workspace, helping you create high-quality product content faster than ever before.

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Client Success

OneSpace has helped create product descriptions for the world’s leading manufacturers and retailers, from CPG companies to online marketplaces.

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    created 1,028 product descriptions in one month.

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    created 3,798 product descriptions in one month.

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Benefits of Product Descriptions

Detail the key features and benefits of every product in your catalog. By creating compelling, sensory-rich descriptions, you can increase your online sales by a minimum of 30%.

  • Avoid Risk: Avoid Google penalties for using duplicate content.
  • Attract: Increase traffic from organic search.
  • Inspire: Influence shoppers’ purchasing decisions.
  • Convert: Boost online sales by 30% or more.
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Benefits of OneSpace

OneSpace is a workflow automation platform with a built-in network of freelance e-commerce professionals. Every subscription comes with a robust suite of features designed to help you execute your product content creation and review processes at scale.

  • ... OneSpace Direct

    Onboard your existing talent and amplify as needed with instant access to our hand-curated network of product description writers.

  • ... Virtual Workspace

    Post custom assignments to a virtual workspace that your internal and external teams can use to submit work anywhere, anytime.

  • ... Performance Management

    Gain valuable insight into important performance metrics with advanced reporting tools and quality-control features.

  • ... Automated Workflows

    Publish descriptions at scale and optimize cost, velocity and quality using our point-and-click workflow automation tools.

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Product Description Workflows

Start creating product descriptions in minutes using OneSpace’s customizable workflow templates. Each template is pre-optimized for organic and internal site search and contains instructions based on industry best practices.

  • Types of product descriptions:
  • Automotive & Industrial
  • Beauty & Health
  • Consumer Goods
  • Electronics
  • Fashion & Apparel
  • Home Decor
  • Movies & Entertainment
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • More
  • Product description best practices:
  • Optimized title
  • Focus keywords
  • Meta description
  • 1 to 2 paragraphs of content
  • Feature/benefit bullet points
  • Unique voice and tone
  • Sensory words and phrases
  • Scannable format

Example Workflow

  • 1 Provide a Product

    Supply the writer with a product and any important details provided by the manufacturer.

  • 2 Write

    An experienced product description writer creates a compelling description based on the details and brand guidelines you provide.

  • 3 Edit

    A trusted e-commerce editor corrects the writer’s work for grammar, style, formatting and brand voice errors.

  • 4 Review

    A trusted content reviewer or member of your internal team reviews the final product description to ensure it meets all requirements.

  • 5 Publish Results

    Upload the completed product description to your website, or publish automatically via our API.

Hand-curated Teams

Gain instant access to the best talent OneSpace Direct has to offer with our hand-curated teams of freelance e-commerce professionals. These writers and editors are heavily vetted and have experience creating product content for e-commerce giants such as Staples and Sears.

  • Product Description Writers
    • Members: 329
    • Avg. Approval Rating: 96%
    • Assignments Completed: 3,308,363
  • E-commerce Editors
    • Members: 115
    • Avg. Approval Rating: 97%
    • Assignments Completed: 4,740,848
  • Content Reviewers
    • Members: 108
    • Avg. Approval Rating: 99%
    • Assignments Completed: 6,029,177

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