Boost organic traffic, improve accessibility, and enhance your AI and machine learning by transcribing audio, video and image files into structured, useful text. OneSpace’s platform combines workflow automation with professional transcriptionists to deliver accurate results in hours instead of days.

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Client Success

OneSpace’s revolutionary transcription solutions are trusted by some of the world’s leading businesses, from fitness apps and travels sites to streaming services and software companies.

  • ...

    transcribed 10,000 nutrition labels in one month.

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    transcribed 1,251 audio recordings in one month.

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Benefits of Transcription

Enhance user experience, reach a wider audience, and quickly train image and voice recognition models. By transcribing audio, image and video files into structured, text-based data, you can improve site search and increase organic traffic.

  • Enhance: Test and train your algorithms more efficiently.
  • Optimize: Enhance internal site search and boost organic rankings.
  • Engage: Improve accessibility for the hearing and visually impaired.
  • Repurpose: Maximize your assets by transforming them into other forms of content.
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Benefits of OneSpace

OneSpace is a workflow automation platform with a built-in network of professionally trained transcriptionists. Every subscription comes with a robust suite of quality-control features designed to help you transcribe assets faster and more accurately than ever before.

  • ... OneSpace Direct

    Onboard your existing talent and amplify as needed with instant access to our hand-curated network of on-demand transcriptionists.

  • ... Virtual Workspace

    Post custom assignments to a virtual workspace that your teams can use to transcribe files anywhere, anytime.

  • ... Performance Management

    Gain valuable insight into important performance metrics with custom reports and real-time analytics dashboards.

  • ... Automated Workflows

    Transcribe assets at scale and optimize cost, velocity and quality using our point-and-click workflow automation tools.

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Transcription Workflows

Set up audio, video and image transcription projects in minutes using OneSpace’s customizable workflow templates. Each template includes automated quality control features and step-by-step instructions to provide the highest quality outputs.

  • Types of transcription:
  • Academic Lectures
  • Business Cards
  • Conference Calls
  • Interviews
  • Legal Dictation
  • Meetings
  • Menus
  • Product Labels
  • Product Manuals
  • Receipts
  • Transcription best practices:
  • Collect transcriptions in a standard, repeatable format.
  • Clearly indicate changes in speaker.
  • Include time stamps when relevant.
  • Capture nonverbal cues such as pauses and interruptions.
  • Send low-quality files to multiple transcriptionists for improved accuracy.

Example Workflow

  • 1 Upload File

    Supply an audio, image or video file, and answer a series of questions to assist the transcriptionist

  • 2 Transcribe

    A trained transcriptionist transcribes the file according to the specifications you provide. Send low-quality files to multiple transcriptionists for improved accuracy.

  • 3 Review

    A trusted reviewer or one of your internal team members reviews the transcript for accuracy and completeness. Use our spot-checking feature to limit the number of items sent to review.

  • 4 Download

    Download the completed transcript, or automatically transfer results to your database via our API.

Hand-curated Teams

Gain instant access to the best talent OneSpace Direct has to offer with our hand-curated teams of freelance transcriptionists. These independent professionals are heavily vetted and have experience transcribing image, audio and video files for companies such as Weight Watchers and Voxpopme.

  • Audio Transcriptionists
    • Members: 106
    • Avg. Approval Rating: 97%
    • Assignments Completed: 1,042,817
  • Image Transcriptionists
    • Members: 142
    • Avg. Approval Rating: 98%
    • Assignments Completed: 1,754,951
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