User-Generated Content

Boost organic search rankings and increase time on site by up to 90% by publishing user-generated content. With OneSpace, you can execute a wide variety of user-generated content campaigns at scale without using precious internal resources.

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Client Success

OneSpace’s user-generated content creation and moderation solutions are trusted by some of the world’s leading brands, from social networks and apps to online retailers and publishers.

  • ...

    published 1,864 blog comments in one month.

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    moderated 20,000 user-submitted videos in one day.

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Benefits of User-Generated Content

25% of search results for the world’s 20 largest brands are links to user-generated content. By publishing user-generated content at scale, you can boost organic traffic and grow your online community.

  • Attract: Boost rankings and organic search traffic.
  • Retain: Increase user engagement and time on site.
  • Build: Create a dedicated community of brand advocates.
  • Understand: Better understand your target audience.
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Benefits of OneSpace

OneSpace is a workflow automation platform with a built-in network of on-demand talent. Every subscription comes with a robust suite of features designed to help you execute a variety of user-generated content campaigns at scale.

  • ... OneSpace Direct

    Amplify your existing talent as needed with instant access to our hand-curated network of freelance content creators and moderators.

  • ... Virtual Workspace

    Post custom assignments to a virtual workspace that your teams can use to create and moderate content anywhere, anytime.

  • ... Performance Management

    Gain valuable insight into important performance metrics with custom reports and real-time analytics dashboards.

  • ... Automated Workflows

    Publish user-generated content at scale and optimize cost, velocity and quality using our point-and-click workflow automation tools.

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User-Generated Content Workflows

Start executing your user-generated content campaign in minutes using OneSpace’s customizable workflow templates. Each template includes automated quality control features and is fully customizable to meet your exact needs.

  • Types of user-generated content:
  • Audio files
  • Blog comments
  • Forum posts
  • Photos
  • Q&As
  • Reviews
  • Social media posts
  • Videos
  • Wikis
  • User-generated content campaign best practices:
  • Define the goal you’re trying to achieve.
  • Provide clear content creation guidelines.
  • Show examples of acceptable and unacceptable content.
  • Send each piece of content to a moderator for review.

Example Workflow

  • 1 Provide a Starting Point

    Supply users with a starting point for content creation, such as a link to a blog or social media post.

  • 2 Create

    A user creates original, engaging content based on the guidelines and examples you provide.

  • 3 Moderate

    A trained content moderator or member of your internal team reviews the content to ensure it meets all of your requirements.

  • 4 Publish

    Upload the completed content to your website or app, or publish automatically via our API.

Hand-curated Teams

Gain instant access to the best talent OneSpace Direct has to offer with our hand-curated teams of freelance experts. These freelancers are heavily vetted and have experience creating and moderating user-generated content for trusted brands such as and Klip.

  • Conversational Writers
    • Members: 51
    • Avg. Approval Rating: 97%
    • Assignments Completed: 3,983,410
  • Content Moderators
    • Members: 133
    • Avg. Approval Rating: 97%
    • Assignments Completed: 7,003,755
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