Full-Service Digital Shelf Optimization

Staying at the top of search results and converting on the major digital retailers requires both innovative technology and dedicated people who understand it. At OneSpace, we deliver a full-service approach to digital shelf optimization that is driven by data.


When you choose OneSpace for your digital shelf optimization, you will have access to a team of e-commerce experts, industry-leading software and a complete solution for managing and maintaining product content across online retailers.

The digital shelf is living and breathing – you can’t just set it and forget it. Our experts combine the industry’s largest database of consumer search insights with our customizable content production software and on-demand optimization services to respond to this dynamic marketplace faster, capturing opportunity and helping brands gain a first-mover advantage.

What We Do
  • Content Development Content Optimization & Updates
  • Strategy & Planning OneSpace Merchandiser Platform
  • Content Development

    Whether creating brand new content or optimizing your existing content, we help you improve your performance with our data-driven approach to content development. This can involve enhancing content you have already created or creating new content from the ground up.

    we provide:
    • Keyword Target Lists
    • New Product Content Production
    • Retailer-Specific Optimizations
    • Brand-Aligned Execution
  • Content Optimization & Updates

    We ensure your content is always up to date based on changes to the products themselves, retailer requirements, seasonality and the consumer search landscape.

    This is achieved through:
    • Existing Product Content Optimization
    • Seasonal Content Updates
    • Target Keyword Adjustments
    • Competitive Optimization
  • Strategy & Planning

    We begin with an onsite planning workshop with your team, where we review your goals and current processes and work with you to identify all key areas of opportunity to produce a roadmap for program implementation.

    This Process Consists of:
    • Planning and Roadmap Creation
    • Product, Retailer, Keyword, & Content Strategy
    • Project Management
  • OneSpace Merchandiser Platform

    Our Merchandiser platform includes flexible tools designed to facilitate management and optimization of your digital shelf presence. Our customizable workflow software efficiently operationalizes and accelerates the content creation and approval processes across your organization. In addition, consumer search insights are seamlessly integrated within your customized workflows to put keyword intelligence directly into the hands of the content creators themselves.

    Key Benefits Include:
    • Improved Efficiency
    • Decreased Time to Market
    • Keyword Search Data
    • Reporting and Monitoring

Additional Services

  • Premium Content Upgrades

    In addition to standard product page content, OneSpace offers optional premium content upgrades that you can purchase at any time.

    • Advanced Image Carousels
    • A+/Enhanced Content with Copy and Images
    • Product Videos
  • Publication & Syndication Management

    Our expert team members are trained to manage the publication and syndication process, ensuring your product content is delivered correctly and in a timely and organized way to retailers and sub-syndicators, whether through API or manual processes.

    • Production Scheduling
    • Project Management
    • Manual and API Publication
    • Customized Sales Team Application
  • PIM Power User Plus Service

    OneSpace team members provide hands-on maintenance and configuration of your PIM instance to maximize your investment and get the most value from your product content.

    • Management Services
    • Data Modeling
    • Data Model and Import Management
    • Retailer Mapping Maintenance
  • PIM Implementation Services

    We offer consultation services for PIM implementation, leveraging dedicated OneSpace team members who can help you configure your instance, maintain your product data, and manage the syndication process.

    • PIM Audit
    • Consultation from a Dedicated PIM Expert
    • Comprehensive Management List
    • Weekly Implementation Status Calls

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